Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok Vol 5 Illustrations


Greek mythology

Power: S
Magic: SS
Rank: SSS
Miracle: SSS
Pantheon: The Sky and Thunder



“Onii-chan, what kind of clothes do you like? Eh? One with more exposure? What a pervert you are.”

“Ehehehe, I’ll show you…….if you want, Onii-chan.”


  • It’s true identity is the superintendent of the Mythological Representative war, Zeus from Greek Mythology.


“Welcome back, Raika——–“

“You sure took your time.”

Kushinada Himeko

  • The girl that was entrusted with Susanoo’s embers, in the middle of depending on her benefactor, Raika.


As if covering me with a hood, Maria got down on all fours.
And then gradually lowered her body.
At first it was her limbs, knees, shoulders, breasts, waists and belly. But before long, her whole body was glued to the floor.
The holy oil that was sprinkle on the both of them was cool and chilly, closely sticking their skin together.
Maria moved.
So that their bodies rub more onto each other.
By doing so they allowed their bodies to overlapped, making both of their bodies to intersect.
With the aid of the superimposing oil, Maria’s body is now more slippery.
The cold fluid between their two bodies are slowly getting hotter.
Our body heat are mixing with the holy oil.
“Raika, senpai”
Both of our hands strongly grasped.
Before long, something warm permeated me.
It was Maria’s holiness as a saint.
As if her warmth poured into me as it is.
That was very relaxing.
The ceremony of this contract will continue for one night.
Unless they are deeply connected, the contract will be incomplete.
“Mmm……mmmm, hhhhmmmm……….”

“I am willing do anything if it’s for Raika-senpai.”

Maria Mint

  • From the same [church] as Raika, she became his partner at hand by infiltrating Laurasia Island.