Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 5 pt 3



Hearing my answer, Emily——Osiris claps her hand.

Clap, clap, she gives an applause.

“It is impressive of you to know my name. For a person from a foolish tribe who cannot stop eating each other unless after I instructed them, after thousands of years, they seem to have become somewhat better.”


In Egyptian mythology, the ancient people do not know how to hunt nor to farm, and they can only continue their livelihood by committing cannibalism.

Then, Osiris appeared, teaching them the wheat cultivation and wine making method. Osiris is then worshipped by the people and became the first king of Egypt.

But that is an old tale of the ancient past.

Paki! ……


Responding to the dry sound that echoed, Osiris makes a dubious face.


The sound continues.

Osiris search for the place where the sound comes from——and her gaze went to her right-hand finger.

Her right pinky is turning to stone.

The one who did it, is me.


The Evil Eye of “Petrification”.

I tried to gain her interest and let her guard down.

While she is spouting some nonsense over and over, I activated the Evil Eye of “Petrification”.

Even if she is an immortal, there are still many ways to kill her.

One of them is by turning them into rock solid.

Osiris cannot do anything once she is turned into a stone statue.

So……what it should be.

『——Raika. It’s useless. The “Petrification” has truly come into contact with her hand, however it is strangely ineffective. 』

I received Bálor warning.

Compared to the time when we turned Zeus into stone, this time the petrification is progressing too slow.

Although in the end, the “Petrification” never really did work on Zeus.

In Osiris case, rather than being invalidated, the effect is getting delayed……

“……tch, so that is what happening.”

Since Osiris impart the mankind with the technique to cultivate, he was also known as the God of Grain.

On the mural painting, Osiris was painted with green skin because he has the aspect of plantation God.

The plant decomposes and become one with soil, which in turn spread into a new root on where the new flower blooms.

So, it’s not a surprise when Osiris, the one represents plantation to have an absurdly high resilience against “Petrification”.

It is a blunder on my part for not noticing it earlier.

What left is self-reproach……

Why was I so flustered?

“Fuun, I feel it.”

Osiris gazes on me is cold.

Her laughter has already disappeared.

“The sin of inflicting wound on my body is heavy. The sinner will receive the judgement.”

Osiris pinky has now turned completely into stone.

But that alone would not be hindering her in the battle.

Just like the previous case where she summoned Anubis with a cane, this time, when she holds up her hand, a scale appeared.

On top of the one side of the dish is a white feather.

The scale with the feather is used to call Maat, for he will weight the sin of the deceased spirits.

“O’ great scale who judge crimes. Rise up and witness the crime committed in front of me.”

Osiris whispered it loudly.

On that moment, the scale that punish the soul of sinners leaned.

Maat’s feather falls from the tilted dish.

“They are not supposed to be this slanted. It seems that the sins that your soul carries are very heavy.”

Osiris mutters.

Then, at her back, the reality was twisted to reveal a heteromorphic beast figure.

『——what the hell is that? 』

It comes to no surprise why Bálor is shocked.

A crocodile heads.

Its upper body is that of a lion.

Its lower body is that of a hippopotamus.

A chimera with a mix of three kind of beasts is the one most feared by the ancient Egyptian.

——the monster, Ammit.

It is supposed to always follow Osiris to the Netherworld.

This monster appeared when the soul of the deceased fail to achieve a balance with Maat feather, and it will gulp down that soul.

It was said that any soul eaten by Ammit will never be reincarnated again, and hence mankind was afraid.


Ammit released a frightening growl, then he approached nearer to begin his attack.


I fight him with my guns.

However, my bullet cannot pierce through this monsters’ body at all.


“It’s useless. Ammit strength is proportional to the weight of the sinner’s soul. Your unclean guilts, your soul filled with sins will never win against that guy.”

“The weight of my soul’s sin you said……ku!”

I want to sew the lips that uttered those nonsense together.

I am never a clean or an innocent person.

However, I don’t want to be told that by a God.

For them to judge my sin.

For me, personnel of church of heresy who delivers “divine punishment”.

And yet……!


I was blown away fromAmmit blow.

Although I managed to guard, the shock alone delivers a substantial damage.


The monster’s uppercut scatters all around me.

I can even hear its ripe voice that said it wants to eat me.


Did I hit my head when I was blown away?

My vision is distorted, and I cannot get up right away.

『——Raika. Stop messing around, use the Evil Eye. 』

I hear Bálor voice inside my head.


『——I don’t get you. It’s possible to suppress her with the red haired a little while ago, but now that is impossible. For now, we will somehow manage the enemy in front of us and get away. 』

“You’re annoying. Shut up……”

There is only a single remaining use for the Evil Eye left.

Just like Bálor said earlier, the Evil Eye will work on Ammit.

Either kill it or “control” it, we can then buy some time and use it to leave this place.

But that also mean to abandon Brynhildr and Maria.

Even if the plan was executed well, at best only one of them can be saved.

There is no way I can save everyone, unless I do something about Osiris.

But I only have one chance left to overturn this situation with my Devil Eye.

That’s why, I cannot waste it on an opponent like this monster.

『——good lord. You are truly a stubborn person. But that is what made a person human. 』

“If you got it then lend me your power obediently.”

『——hey hey. 』

There are only few bullets remaining.

My body with the limiter removed continues to scream each time I was attacked by Ammit.

I’m still waiting for an opening.

A starting point that can reverse this situation.

Or it may not come forever.

However, the chance will never appear unless I keep my hand stretched out.

That is why I will endure.

I believe on that moment.


Ammit claws scratched my flank.

The uniform got torn, and red bloods sprayed out.


Human body control.

I contract the blood vessel and stop the bleeding.

I block the pain sensation and maintain concentration.

Still, with this my fighting power has fell by 30 percent……

The sense remaining on my foot feels dull.

How many times left do I have it in me, to escape Ammit claws?


Do not get weakened, my heart.

Plant my foot firm until the last moment.


Ammit jumps over.

I’m prepared to sacrifice at least one of my arms. With that, I will thrust my gun inside its mouth and destroy it, piercing it from the inside.

At that moment.



Someone intercepted it in front of me, deflecting Ammit claws away.

A user of big sword.


A silver haired female knight who holds the divine dragon slaying sword is in deadlock with Ammit.

So, Leon treatment is working after all. Seems like she has regained all her strength already.

“I have returned……”

I cannot tell whether the ray of hope is already here yet…….

Just for a bit, our forces have increases.

“Again, a bother.”

Osiris makes an unpleasant face.

While Brynhildr recovery might act as an obstacle, she probably doesn’t treat Brynhildr as much as a threat.

As a matter of fact, even I think she can only hold down Ammit for at least a few seconds.

But that is enough.

Once I get a chance to face off Osiris in one on one situation, I can already execute my strategy.

Me together with Brynhildr will attract Ammit as much as we can.

And with that said.




Suddenly, Brynhildr mouth was closed.

And just like that she carries my body.

We completely retreated from that spot.

In other word, an escape.


It is too sudden that Osiris doesn’t manage to react.

I bet she never think we will try to escape.

That is what I’m thinking too.


She tries to shout; however, no voice will come out with her mouth blocked even if she musters a force that will destroy her jaws.

I can command her without saying anything as long we match our line of sight but looks like she is aware of that.

Brynhildr has escaped the battlefield without making any eye contact with me.


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