Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 4 pt 7


“………She sure taking her time.”


Towards my murmur, Charo-senpai reacted and turned over here.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it just that Maria hasn’t come back yet.”

I’m certain that the vending machine is at the back of the game center.

This store is not a very big place.

And we didn’t move from the corner of the game so she wouldn’t have lost sight of us.

Despite that, much time had passed.


That’s weird.

I know well enough that Maria is a girl that will take her own time.

That’s why I can safely proclaim.

That something unexpected has happened to her.

“Sorry, I’ll go and take a look.”

“Ah, me too.”

Charo-senpai and I headed the place where the vending machine is located.


Before I knew it, I picked up the pace.

“——–Hey hey, I got a bad feeling about this.”

Balor laughed.

Although that further pissed me off, I ignored it.

This certainly does have a bad feeling.

The reason why people suddenly disappear on this island.

That’s what we are in the middle of pursing it……

“Tsk……..she is not here!”

I arrived at the vending machine, but Maria was nowhere to be seen.

Just to be sure, I searched for other vending machines but nothing.

“Excuse me, can you check the toilets please? I will go to Kunisaki and the others and asked if they saw Maria.”

“O-Okay! I got it.”

Charo-senpai and I split-up.

Kunisaki and the others were at the fighting game corner.

“Arghh! Ruirui-chan are you a beginner!?”

“Even if you attack with your secret technique, it won’t work.”

“Ruirui, you’re a pro.”

RuiRui and tenka, as well as Kushinada-senpai are all together.


“Hmm? It’s you, Raika. What’s up?”

“Did you see Maria?”

I anxiously asked Kunisaki.

“She went to look for you not long ago……eh? You’re not with her?”

“……..I see.”

I went to and check with Ruirui and the rest but nobody have seen Maria.

“Ruirui, a moment with you.”


I took out Ruirui from the group and separated ourselves for a while.

“There is a possibility that Maria got involved in the previously-mentioned disappearance case series.”

“Huh, that’s not good.”

Ruirui scratch her head with an intense expression.

“I think you know this Raika, but you know there is a high possibility that the culprit of the disappearance case and the murder that Leon-kun was talking about could be a  Divine Compatibility User right?”

“I know that much.”

I stood up irritated while cutting off Ruirui.

“RuiRui, I’ll ask you right now. Can you fight after this?”

I asked her  with the evil eye’s powers for her honest answer.

Ruirui shrugged her shoulders.

“It depends. We don’t know what kind of gods we are up against, but if that god is going to develop a large-scale magic formula that deals with massive offerings, that gods probably excels in magic. However, right now my position as a magical gods is damaged due to the influence of the destruction of my spirit war palace. If it becomes a battle between magic, our chance will be slim.”

“…….I see.”

Is it dangerous to bring Ruirui into the battle in this state?

It’s is hard to take down with our capability but it can’t be help.

“If so Ruirui use your falcon’s raiment and look for Maria from the sky. I’ll use another way to find her.”

“Eh, but there is a lot of student at this time. They can see the bottom of my skirt.”

“Just shut up and do as I say!”


Towards my involuntarily outburst, Ruirui  wave her hands and headed over to where Kunisaki and the rest are.

“Sorry, I just remembered that I have to do, so I’ll be leaving for today.”

“Oh really? Then the next time will be my revenge.”

“Even if you play a hundred times Kunisaki, I will still beat you.”

“Damn it! I’ll definitely practice it!”

Towards the annoyed Kunisaki, Ruirui laughed.

“Well. see you again.”

She took her bag and left.

Passing each other, Charo-senpai who went to check the ladies’ toilet, have came back.

“Haa, Haa , Raika-kun.”

“What’s wrong?”

Sorry. As I expected, she wasn’t in there.

“I see…….”

I have no hopes but was still disappointed.

It’s 100% impossible that Maria would leave on her own without telling me anything.

As someone who go through the training from the same facility, I can say for certain that she can’t be defeated by the general public nearby.

We will probably have to accept the worse.

Maria have been abducted by a god who kills kidnapped students and brutally drained their blood.

“Sorry Charo-senpai.”


I looked into the eyes of a surprised Charo-senpai.

“Wake up, Brynhildr.”


The Valkyrie that was sleeping inside of Charo-senpai woke up.

“Shinsen Raika”

“No time to talk now. Right now, listen to my orders.”

Better move it.

“Sorry, Kunisaki! I also remembered that we have something to do. See ya.”

“Eh, you too?!”

“Really sorry! Kushinada-senpai, sorry as well. Well then.”

“Raika-kun, what about me?”

“I’ll see you tomorrow too, Tenka!”

“Okay, see you tomorrow!”

After Tenka send us off, Brynhildr and I left the game center.

I didn’t know inside the store, but it’s already at dusk.

It’s about time the night time’s announcement sounded.

“Crap, we have to hurry!”

It’s still unknown what the enemy will do, but at the very least the culprit are secretly proceeding with the preparations.

If that’s the case, the culprit is probably committing the crime at night where the students are disappearing so that people can’t touch the murder scene.

That’s the time limit.

There is no time.


“Hey wait up! Where are we going?”

Brynhildr asked me while she is running behind me.

I didn’t turned back and answer.

“First, we have to go to the southern dorm. Over there, I’ll contact him.”


Brynhildr raised a question mark once again, but right now it’s too unfortunate that I can’t reply.


I was just running through the people in the south district, with all my strength.


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