Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 4 pt 3


That strange senior at the morning——yeah, she was older——after I was involved in a strange incident this morning, the first hour and the second hour after that passed smoothly and peacefully.

And for the third hour.

As we were informed during homeroom session earlier, we are going to have a physical fitness test at this time of the day.

This physical fitness test is a joint activity with the second and third years student.

More precisely, this is like a congruence among the classes which language circles has gathered to a certain extent.

By the way, my class and Sharo senpai class are mainly filled with English and Japanese speaking students.

So, to say.

“Raika kun. Sorry to make you wait.”

Usually, I only get to meet with Sharo senpai during rest time or after school time, however today we can meet during class time.

Since we can attend the physical fitness test in any order that we like, we decided to go with the usual members in the group, including Sharo senpai.

“Can I join you guys too?”

“Of course, Kushinada senpai.”

Kushinada senpai asked nervously.

“Then, I’ll take up your offer.”


I nodded.

Surely, Kushinada senpai must have planned to go for this test together with her little sister, Kushinada Himeko at first.

However, Kushinada Himeko is currently not present.

Now that senpai is alone, it must be tough for her not to be reminded of her missing sister.

By turning her back to us, she is fortunate enough to forget about her sister even if it’s for a while.

“So, where are we going first?”

“Isn’t it fine to go wherever is the nearest?”

“Yeah, I agree.”

“Me too.”

“Alright, let’s get going then.”

Kunisaki thrusts his fist upwards after hearing Tenka approval.

Everyone walks to the ground at once.

“Shinzen san. Were your injuries healed already?”

While we are walking, Kushinada senpai asked me anxiously.

I tried to laugh it out,

“The pain has pretty much subsided. I was quite lonely being alone for several days, but today I get to be with everyone. I’m in a good enough condition for today’s examination.”

So, I answered.

Indeed, if I do it seriously, I can easily overwrite all the student’s top records up until now.

Since I don’t want that to happen, I’ll hold my hand back from the beginning.

“You too, Maria. Try not to overdo it.”

“Yes. I know.”

She gives me a slight nod after I whispered to her.

『——uhihihi. Even so, I really like this gym uniform. I love how this piece of clothing enable me to appreciate all the girls body intimately. 』

This perverted Evil God is at his usual antics.

I prevent myself from responding to him, then proceed to slowly close my left eye.



Kunisaki send the handballs flying with a spirited yells.

Eventually, the ball gradually drew an arc and fell inside the line drawn with lime.

“28 meters!”

The recording assistant went to where the ball has landed, the announced Kunisaki record loudly.

“Gaahhh! I failed to exceed 30 meters record!”

Apparently, Kunisaki didn’t managed to surpass his target. He grieves his failure with exaggerated poses.

I already took my records earlier. Looking at him, I simply shrugged my shoulder.

“Don’t mind it. At least, yours are better than mine.”

“Ah–well–but Raika was injured. Aah~ wish I could throw it one more time.”

Kunisaki didn’t practice much, thus having deep regret. He keeps pestering the record assistant for another chance, however, he was refused easily.

“No use~”

“Plus, if we are allowed to retry, the record won’t be accurate.”

“Well, you are not wrong.”

Kunisaki slowly shrugged his shoulder.

After he looks like he has given up, he laughed at once.

“Hey, what about Tenka chan and the others?”

“They finished earlier than us, so right now they should be doing long jump next door.”

“Then, why don’t we go there too?”

Me and Kunisaki together headed to the place to record long jump, where Tenka and the others are.


Suddenly, Kunisaki stood up with a strange voice.

“What’s wrong, Kunisaki?”

“Look at that!”


I shifted my gaze at the place he pointed at.

It was right when Sharo senpai is running to attempt the long jump.

It was nothing special, when…….

“Look……! Sharo senpai breasts, they are freaking amazing!”

Kunisaki turns his arms around my shoulder, he is blowing up with excitement.

I wonder how I should respond in this case…….

What, and here I thought there was something. Then, Kunisaki swiftly pointed his fist towards another person.

“Both Maria and Ruirui are amazing too, but Charlotte senpai stomps them all! Truly the treasure of mankind, that breasts!”

『——uhihihi. I completely agree with you on that matter! 』

“If I get my hand on Charlotte senpai handballs, then I’ll surely break a new record, no sweat!”

『——certainly, I can see that she has two balls with her! With a ball like that, I can indulge in playing with them however I want! 』

“Darn it! Hey, aren’t you on good terms with senpai, Raika? Tell me, how was them? I’m sure you already fell up those breasts. I’m brimming with jealousy!”

『——good grief. If I have complete control over this body, I would have partaken on those breasts long time ago. 』

A tumultuous crowd.

I think, each time, Kunisaki manage to communicate with Bálor without me doing any talking.

He continues to have a one-sided conversation without any way for me to butt in.

“If it’s too hot for you then pull over.”

I forcefully pushed back Kunisaki’s face.

These two men——one of them is an Evil God, good grief——keep on talking stupid things together, when Sharo senpai finally reached the jumping line and jumped while saying ‘eeiiihh’.

However, the movement of her hands and feet are not in sync, hence, she landed on the sand right in front of where she took off.

“Umm……that will be a 50 cm.”


The distance was announced by the record assistant. Hearing that, Sharo senpai stood up, half crying.

While she was shedding sands from her gym clothes, she finally noticed us.

“Raika kun and Kunisaki kun……no way, you guys saw it?”

Sharo senpai face turns beet red.

“You caught me on an embarrassing moment……”

“No, it was the greatest!”


Kunisaki gave her a thumb up. Unable to understand, Sharo senpai tilted her head slightly.

Please don’t understand his reference.

“Hop! Step! Jump!”

Meanwhile, right after senpai, Tenka lightly hit a flight distance which is beyond the high school student’s level.

What are you trying to do, Zeus……?

As the supervisor of the current Myth War, wasn’t it in his interest to hide his power at least a little?

『——that guy think it was just a joke. 』


This is giving me a slight headache.

The God has too much freedom.

“Ooii! Raika kun! Kunisaki kun! Did you guys saw that!? I was amazing!”

After Tenka noticed us, she shakes her hands up enthusiastically.

“Right, I saw you– You look like you nearly went up flying back then–” pg. 243

“Nufufufu, I can actually fly, if I wanted!”

“You serious!?”

Kunisaki returns an exaggerated reaction towards Tenka stupid jokes.

Well, honestly, I believe that she could fly if she wanted to.

Then, Tenka shifted her gaze to me.

“How is your condition, Raika kun?”

“Doing fine, somewhat.”

I answer calmly.

Even if he shows me Tenka’s smiling face, I will not be perturbed.

It felt like I’m losing to him if I were to react every time he teases me with my sister’s face.

When that thought comes to mind, an unfathomable humiliation came over.

Can I bear to lose any more?

Remembering my oath, I finally managed to take control of my emotion by gulping down that nasty feeling.

So, I laughed,

“It seems like I can’t match Tenka even if I were in optimal condition.”

and acted normally.

Tenka stared at my face for a while.

“Huhu, right~?”

Then, she broke into a smile.

After that, it’s Kunisaki and my turns to make long jump next.

In the end, Tenka hold the best record among us, with Kunisaki following behind.

Everyone gathered after we finished the long jump. Again, we went for the next measurement together.

Afterwards, we all finished all the measurements without anything particular happened.

Next, we are going for a lunch break after the physical fitness test is over.

“Then, we’ll go change our clothes.”

After Tenka said that, we leave the ground.

“Ah~ I’m sweating.”

“The heat really got up, huh.”

“I want to take a shower~”

Both Maria and Ruirui are having that conversation while walking together.

Eventually, we arrived at the stairs where we are separated with senpais’.

“Ah, right. Why don’t we have lunch together on the rooftop today?”

Sharo senpai proposed before we parted ways.

“The breeze felt comfortable a while ago, so I wonder if it’s okay…”

“Oh, why not!”

Tenka was the first one to agree.

“Hey, why don’t Nadeshiko come together too.”


Kushinada senpai nodded.

“Let’s change clothes quickly and go to the rooftop.”

Everyone agrees and went to their respective place to change their outfit.

I try to follow Kunisaki to the classroom to change clothes when,


I was forcibly stopped by Kunisaki after he grabbed my collar from the back.


“Why don’t you come here for a bit.”


Kunisaki pulled my collar and bring me to the shoe lockers.

After switching to our outdoor shoes again, we went out through the entrance.

“Did you forget something?”

I asked him while we move to the ground.

“You’re wrong. Anyways, just follow me.”


Seems like we’re not looking for his lost item.

Then, what else could it be? Even if I asked, he simply brushes it off.

Since it can’t be helped, I silently follow after Kunisaki.

Kunisaki brought us to the other side of the ground, at the back of the school building.

We are greeted by a flower garden, planted there for the lawn. There is also a small square.

Sharo senpai suggested to take our lunch together on the rooftop today, nevertheless, this place would make a fine eating place as well.

Walking while thinking about such thing, when suddenly, Kunisaki raises his hands.

“Shuush, be quiet.”

Suddenly, he cautioned me.

I didn’t know what his reason is.

“Hey, it’s about time.”

“That’s why I’m asking you to keep quiet. We’ll get noticed.”

“Noticed……by whom?”

“What I said. Here, come climb up this tree.”



After getting urged by him, I climbed the tree without a second thought.

I climbed up and settled down on a steady looking thick branch.

“Ooh, you are quite a good climber, Raika.”

Kunisaki climbed up the tree with an unexpected dexterity and settled down beside me.

“That was because……forget it, tell me the purposes of this shenanigans.”

“That’s why I asked you not to talk in a loud voice. Otherwise, we might lose this best spot forever.”

“Best spot?”

“Take a look. From here, we can see the back side of this school building.”

“The school building?”

I take a look at the school building.

He asked me to take a look, but there is a square in between this tree and the school building. In other word, we can’t see face of the students walking on the corridor.

“Certainly, we can clearly see the school building from here but……do you plan to paint a landscape picture or what?”

“Why should I do that? Plus, I never majored in arts.”

“Then, what?”

I quickly lose interest.

I already promised Sharo senpai. Any more time spent here, I might not be able to meet her on time.

“Just listen to me first. Once Raika heard about it, I’m sure you will understand my intention.”

Now that my mood is clearly sullen, Kunisaki is finally going to talk about his objective.

“Fufufu. Actually, I managed to know the hidden secret of this school before I brought you here.”


The secret hidden in this school?

Hearing that line coming out from Kunisaki makes me shocked.

That’s because, the Myth War is what came to my minds.

But, how come a civilian like Kunisaki get to know about this matter?

Did I leak some sort of information somehow?

Don’t tell me, he is already roped in?

Multiple questions take turns appearing on my mind.

I swallowed my saliva and patiently wait for Kunisaki to continue talking.

Then, he reached out into his pocket.

“With that said, I’ve prepared this guy.”

For some reason, he took out an opera glass.

The opera glass is the so-called simplified version of the binoculars, but why now?

When my doubt peaked, Kunisaki speaks proudly.

“The windows placed at this school changing rooms are made of plate glass. However, since it’s not fixed, the window can be opened.”


“See, nowadays, the weather has been hot, right? There is no cooler inside the changing room. The senior girls who used the changing room at the second floor often opened the window. Well, since there is no other building taller than the school building on this island, it can’t be helped if they let their guards down.”

Kunisaki second remarks directly corresponds to his first speech.

With that alone, I pretty much can guess what he is going to do next.

“With that said, let’s peek together, Raika.”

Kunisaki make the stupidest grin that I can ever imagine or see in my whole life.

As for me, of course,

“What a foolish thing! There is no way I’m going to peep!”

“Uwaaah! Wai– you crazy bas…!”

I tried to forcefully take the opera glass from Kunisaki.

Kunisaki desperately resisted me from reaching out to him.

“What the hell. The only reason I invited you here is because you’re not feeling well these few days.”

“That is none of your business!”

『——uhihihi, isn’t that nice, Raika. You should learn to appreciate your friend’s good gesture. 』

You just want to peep, you bastard!

『——I was frustrated ever since we were on the ground. By peeping, I can get the exhilaration feeling unlike the one when you’re directly touching. It’s all good. That’s why let’s peek, Raika. 』

Interesting, you said. This Bálor who has complained up till now is…

“Even Raika want to see it too, right~?”

『——ooh, he’s right. Raika need to have more interest on woman. 』

“You guys are……!”

Kunisaki and Bálor is in favour of peeping making two votes.

The opposing vote is me alone.

However, Bálor’s vote is invalid.

Since the result is a draw, the issue an only be resolved by a physical means.

“Just give me that thing!”

“Isn’t that Charlotte senpai and Kushinada senpai silhouettes just now?  This kind of chance won’t come twice!”

Not giving up, Kunisaki tries to shout something nonsensical.

“In that case, that is even worse, stupid!”

I shouted back at Kunisaki.

Just a little more. The opera glass is within reach, after I think that……

『——I can’t hold back anymore! 』

Suddenly, Bálor snapped.


My sight suddenly reduced to half.

Kunisaki figures is reflected on my right eye.

My left eye is focused on a room somewhere not here.

This is too abrupt, which makes me feel confused.

In addition, the next scene is…….

On my left eye, I noticed the figure of Sharo senpai changing clothes.


I received a different kind of shock from the previous one. In turn, I became speechless.

Wha- why am I suddenly watching her changing?

Not only her, even Kushinada senpai is there together too.



They already took off their gym clothes. Their white skin is bare for all to see.

Neither of them is aware that I’m peeping. Both of them are chatting carelessly while exposing their bodies.

However, I couldn’t hear their voices.

This scenery……is this inside the changing room?

This is just my guess, but I don’t think I’m wrong.

There is no way something this real can be imitated.

Bálor! So, this is your work!

『——uhihihi. Well. 』

Bálor laughed without any remorse.

Is this a clairvoyance!? Not to mention, stop using the Evil Eye for something useless!

『——I can use my ability wherever I see fit. 』

Stop joking with me!

When I was arguing with Bálor,


“Tch! Kunisaki, not you too!”

Kunisaki positioned himself in between our gap and stared into the opera glass.


I forcibly attempted to block Kunisaki.




As expected, we are moving way too much.

While I was busy dealing with Bálor and Kunisaki, I got distracted and lost focus on the footing.

Even if I’m aware of it now, it’s already too late.

Both me and Kunisaki fell over from the tree.

It’s a karma for Kunisaki, although I strongly believe that it’s unfair for me to encounter the same fate.


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