Decisive Sunday battle pt 1

On that fateful Sunday.

The three of them are headed towards a large commercial building in Ikebukuro.

“Wow…….there’s a lot of people.”

“Well it’s a Sunday after all. It will be crowded wherever you go, it’s normal.”

As expected of Ikebukuro, it’s filled with people. Looking back at how calm Ruri is, Kazuma was mentally exhausted and stopped unconsciously.


“Ah… everything alright Misaki-san?”

“Sorry, I am just a little surprised……….”

It’s seems that Honoka was overwhelmed by the number of people once again. She held tightly onto Kazuma’s clothes with her slender fingers.

“Umm……Can we stay like this for a while?”

With their bodies pressed closely together, Kazuma could feel something soft on his arms.

As his heart skipped a beat,

“Hey! Stop thinking about lewd stuff! It is forbidden today!”

“It wasn’t! That’s a false accusation!”

Kazuma desperately tried to plead innocence, but Ruri doesn’t buy it and sent a gaze with her eyes half closed as if to say “yeah right……”


He never thought he would be hanging out with the two representative of beauty of his class.

Today Honoka is wearing a knitted one-piece with an established design that really describes her, together with the monotone color tone and her conspicuous presence.

Whether it’s the atmosphere or at a glance impression, both of them are a wonderful contrast. Despite that, both of them are very cute without question; which perfectly describe the situation ” A flower in each hand”.

Thanks to that, he was feeling awkward, embarrassed and painful from the looks he got from the surrounding.

“It’s a nuisance to be standing in front of the entrance so let’s move aside for now. Have you been here before, Misaki-san? If there is a store you wish to visit we could go there.”

While Kazuma was leading the way, Ruri asked Honoka.

Originally, the main purpose for coming here today is to buy Honoka’s clothes and the one who wanted to come here was her anyways. So they thought there was a particular store she wanted to visit.

“……..No, I am here for the first time.”

“Eh? Really?”

Ruri knitted her eyebrows a little after hearing Honoka’s reply.

“Hmm…..Now what? I guess Misaki-san is the girly type……..I’ll look around so you guys just stay here and kill some time over there.”

After saying that, Ruri head towards the information board, probably deciding where to go.

“Err, well then, since Ruri put it like that, let’s take a look around shall we?”


As soon as he tried to walk off, Honoka1 lightly tugged his sleeves.

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

“…….Come here.

She pulled his arms prompting him as Kazuma followed closely behind.


“………Eh? E-Err Misaki-san?”

No matter how far they walked, Honoka showed no signs of stopping. At first Kazuma silently went with her but soon started to panic as she turned to the corner of the aisle. If they moved too far apart, they might lose sight of Ruri.

“W-Wait Misaki-san! I think it’s about time we head back──”

“…..We are here.”


Finally stopping her feet, Honoka turned around.

“Odagiri-kun……I-I……wanted to come here.”


Kazuma stared at what Honoka was pointed and said: “This is……”

Lace, frills and ribbons. The store interior has a cute atmosphere that highlights the femininity in the front. The identity of store that stubbornly block a man’s approach with it’s mysterious pressure is without a doubt……..


A lingerie shop. With the words “Women’s underwear store”

In other words, it’s a store that sells bras and panties et cetera.

As a matter of fact, those product are prominently displayed on the show window facing the roadway, as if to threaten any male customer approaching.

……….Come to think of it, the other day when they playing eroge, there was an event about coming to a lingerie department during a date.

“Well then……..L-Let’s go in, Odagiri-kun.”


As she grabbed his arms, his senses came back to reality. At first glance, Honoka’s face was scarlet read as she head towards the lingerie store with Kazuma.

“N-No! hold up Misaki-san! Going in is a bit…….! If you want to go in I’ll be waiting outside for you……!”

He desperately tried to hold his ground without luck and before he knew it, Kazuma was already inside the store.

No matter where he turns, women’s underwear fills his vision. The atmosphere which filled with female staff and customers were so different that even Kazuma’s breathing became hazy.


“O-Odagiri-kun……..Which underwear, do you, like…….?”

Kazuma became rigid. Honoka took one of the displayed product in her hand and said something unbelievable.

What Honoka showed him was a white laced brassiere with a mature design. If she wear that thin fabric, it will made her skin color transparent and would probably look erotic. Thus, Honoka was looking at Kazuma with her cheeks dyed in embarrassment as she held it in her hands.

He can’t help but imagine. Honoka wearing it.


No, I can’t look at this.

Kazuma mustered what’s left of his senses and turned away from Honoka’s eyes.


“Y-You don’t like lace……?”

“T-That’s not it………!”

I rather much like it! I think that if the neatness and obscene could perfectly coexist would very wonderful!


“T-Then, how about this…..this….T-T-back? It once appeared in the eroge—!”

“Y-Y-Y-You don’t have to say that here!!!!”

Kazuma twisting his neck as much as he can, desperately trying not to look at Honoka. If he looked, he would probably ran into the toilet in shame.


“──Ah! Finally found you──!!”

The sounds of footsteps rattling approaching.

Then, the next moment his cheeks were slapped.

“Argh……! Ouch……! What are you doing!?”

“That’s my line! What were the both of you thinking coming to place like this!?”

Seeing Ruri shouting like that proves she is angry. Shouting with much vigour is making Kazuma remained silent unable to explain himself.

“You too, Misaki-san! You can’t bring a boy to a place like this! You can’t just show your undergarments to anyone, even if it’s your boyfriend!”

“…….That is not true. You are having a misunderstanding Shinomiya-san.”


Honoka swiftly went in between the both of them as she stared intently at Ruri’s face.

“I don’t hate it…..If it’s Odagiri-kun, I wouldn’t mind it at all…….B-Because…..I’m buying it for him to see……!”

After saying that, Honoka took a peek at Kazuma with her face red all the way up to her ears. No doubt she felt embarrassed saying that.

Nevertheless she didn’t avert her gaze from Kazuma, looking at him wholeheartedly.


Kazuma felt his heart throbbing painfully upon seeing her admirable figure.

“I’m happy you said that, but this kind of things are still too early…….!”

“T-T-That’s right! It doesn’t matter whether you are dating or not!”

Continuing after Kazuma, Ruri admonished her.

However, Honoka not only didn’t budged, she stared back at Ruri at her strong-willed eyes.

“………….Uhh, excuse me but I’m afraid you are bordering the rest of the customers, so please keep your volume down.”

Suddenly, the three of them became petrified on the spot.

As they nervously turned around, the people in the store were staring at them a peculiar look.


When they apologized, the clerk left by saying the usual greeting: “Please take your time.” Perhaps she didn’t want to get involved with them.

“…..H-Hey, Can we go now?”


If they stay here any longer, they would feel more ashamed. Although it’s not to a level where their sanity would be reduced.



Honoka grabbed Kazuma’s arm as he head for the exit in a hurry.

“T-This is enough….! A-Actually there was another store I wanted to go…….!”

Bringing along Honoka, They had arrived at──

“This is………a cosplay shop?”

Right after stepping foot into the store, Kazuma was round-eyed with amazement.

Although it’s their first time here, the more surprising thing was the variety of assortment. From the standard maid clothes, to the ones so striking that you have no idea how to wear. There are in fact tons of clothing for cosplay but the overflowing of clothing are all stuffed in this particular store. There were a few characters’ outfit which Kazuma was familiar with and that naturally raised his excitement.

“So this is where it was, I’m surprised you knew about this place Misaki-san.”

“I heard it, from the chief.”


His excitement has dropped to a questionable degree. Kazuma had a bad feeling upon hearing that it was the chief that told her about this place.

(Let’s stop setting up flags…….the chief isn’t always scheming something I suppose……)

Despite telling himself that, Ruri was making a distressing face, looking around restlessly. For an non-geek like Ruri, this kind of space does not feel familiar but probably rather awkward.

“H-Hey Misaki-san, what do you plan on buying here……..?”

“A cosplay costume, naturally.”

“Eh!? Cosplay!?”

At that moment, Ruri face went red till her ears as if it were boiling.

“Y-You can’t!! Cosplaying is such a perverted thing…!”

“I-I see nothing with it….! Cosplay is the same clothing any ordinary clothing. I am just wearing the clothes that the characters wore in the anime or manga…..!”

“Fueh…..? Eh, is that how it is?”

“Well the otakus called that ‘cosplay’ though.”

Ruri has probably associated “cosplay sex” with high school girl and nurse clothes. Although they are clothing for cosplay but to the otakus, they are considered as quite a normal hobby. And Kazuma thinks that it’s bias to think that “it’s cosplay that’s why it’s indecent.”

“Eh? Eh………? A-Am I the weird one……?”

Denied by both Kazuma and Honoka, Ruri shook her eyes in wonderment.

At the point, Honoka’s voice pierce through the sky like an arrow.

“……….What’s wrong?”


“I……want to have with Odagiri-kun so I want to try and cosplay…………how about you, Shinomiya-san?”


Because of their usual instigation and retaliation, Honoka was staring intently at Ruri.


“O-Odagiri-kun……S-Sorry to keep you waiting……..”

“…..L-Look at that!……Isn’t this okay?!”

The curtains of the dressing room were drawn.

Upon taking a peek at the spectacle, Kazuma unknowingly muttered.

“This is…..”

──Why eroge?

“H-Hey…….! Why don’t you say something! I-It’s embarrassing you know……….”

“H-How… it……Odagiri-kun……? I hope I wore it properly……..”

Ruri scowled with teary eyes as if to show a mixture of shame and anger. Thus, Honoka bravely sent her gaze while looking down in embarrassment.

Naturally, they are wearing the cosplay outfit in the store………..

However, as a result it was overwhelmingly different from Kazuma’s expectations.

That’s because the both of them──are wearing the eroge heroine’s costumes.

Firstly, Honoka wore a white-theme outfit which is precisely like an admirable heroine who fights for justice. Meanwhile, the questionable outfit she wore looked more erotic than usual. The outfit has her upper chest and cleavage exposed, which was completely a no-no. On the other hand, speaking of Ruri, her’s is simply and frankly put, sexually arousing.

Although she is cosplaying as the villain in contrast to Honoka, her clothing-like strings wasn’t sufficient to high her abundant bust but were surprisingly revealing most of her pale white skin. Because of the habit of shyly hiding her body makes it more like an eroge and irresistible. 430617 breasts cameltoe cosplay erect_nipples mutsutake no_bra pantyhose pasties thighhighs

This is bad.

The clothes used to suppress virgins are just unjustifiable.

His head was burning into ashes when he thought a store filled with only women was better.

“A…..Arghhh!!!! I can’t take this anymore!! Are you girls done?! Hurry up and change so we can go somewhere else! You too Misaki-san!!”

“B-But I haven’t──”


Ruri interrupted her by forcefully closing the curtain as Honoka tries to protest.

That was a relieve. If That time lasted for another second, Kazuma would most definitely be dead……..No, maybe he is dead before realizing it.

Because that was an incredible sight to behold.

──At that moment,


The curtains of the fitting were drawn slightly with Ruri’s head poking out.

Kazuma stood up, worried about Ruri’s perplexed expression and voice.

“Did something happened? I’ll call the salesperson if you want.”

“T-That’s not it……….come a bit closer.”


“Just come here!!”

“I got it I got it, stop shouting!”

Unable to stand the ruckus that she was causing, Kazuma did what he was told and approached the fitting room.

“What on earth did you wa…!?”

Just as he thought he had reached the front of the fitting room, an arm suddenly stretched out and arduously grabbed Kazuma’s body.

Before he knew it, Kazuma was suddenly inside the fitting room.

“H-Hey! What are you thinking……!”

Kazuma tries to complain about the rough treatment he being given.

However such a thing had disappeared from his head the moment he took a glimpse at Ruri’s appearance.

The demarcated space is clearly cramped for two people to enter. The childhood friend in front of him was in her underwear.

Although Ruri was wearing pants, she is wearing nothing but a brassiere on her upper body. Furthermore, upon a closer look, the hook her bra is on the verge of coming off. Despite covering with her arms for the time being, her voluminous breast are by no means easily supported by just one hand and her underwear looks like it’s about to slip off too.

“Y-You……….What are you…!”

“H-Hey! S-Stop staring at me….!”

Ruri yelled in tears as her face turned bright red.

But that’s impossible. If you are looking from this distance, you can’t help but to look. And furthermore, despite saying that, Ruri was holding his arms tightly with no intention of letting go. As a result, Kazuma can’t leave the dressing room and unable to distance himself from her so he has no choice but to avoid eye contact.

(W-W-Why!? Why is Ruri is not wearing clothes…!?)

His heart is beating his chest with tremendous momentum. When he swallowed his spit, He could feel Ruri was exerting pressure in the arm that she was squeezing.

“U-Uhh…….erm…….my bra….”


“I-I’m telling you! I can’t hook it at the back and I……..I’m telling you to do it….!”


Kazuma was startled upon hearing that absurd request that exceeded his expectations.

“Y-You idiot! No way I can do that!”

“I don’t want this either! B-But I don’t have a choice…….! I couldn’t find the usual ones I wore so I wear this, but this one was brought previously and the size is small so my hands can’t reach for the hook………!”

“That’s because I never thought I would be taking my undergarments off! Enough talking, hurry up!”

“Okay okay I get it, stop making so much noise…!”

Can’t afford to think about anything anymore, he reached out in a hurry.

Ruri faced her back towards him. Kazuma gently pinched the end of the hook while carefully avoid touching her skin.

(E-Err, this must be the hook……..)

He tried to fasten as he was told but it’s not working. The hook can’t reach the other side with just a light pull.

“H-Hey uh, it looks like this thing can’t reach though….”

“I told you, the size is too small! I-It’s not as if my breast are big……..!”

“I didn’t say that right?!”

He truly didn’t have any ulterior motive. If she willfully certified that as sexual harassment, he won’t stand for it.

“Then……..I’ll try and pull a little okay?”


After confirming that Ruri nodded, he slightly pulled the hook so that the edges would overlapped.

At that moment,



[Ah]. Saying [Ah] like it’s an eroge.

Kazuma’s body began to sweat profusely. Aware the situation once again, the hands that are pinching her bra are shaking tremendously.

“H-Hey…………k-kazuma……hurry up…..”


Removing every thought from his head, Kazuma became a machine that only holds the bra’s hook.

Although his fingers kept slipping due to sweaty hands, Kazuma eventually released his hands after managing to somehow finishing his work.

“I-It’s done……..”


Ruri nodded slightly as Kazuma turned his back. Is her neck red because of embarrassment? Kazuma turned away because looking at it seems strange.


“So, I’ll be leaving first okay?”


While listening to her soft voice, Kazuma escaped the dressing room.

After that he exhaled greatly as soon as he stepped outside.


He was getting dizzy due to his heart was probably thumping too fast. Kazuma leans on a nearby wall as he took a rest.

At the next moment, Kazuma drooped behind the wall he leaned on.

“Ow! W-What the…….!?”

──Knowing later, what he thought was the wall was actually just a partition. The store’s fitting rooms are not a single room, it seems like the space inside the store was divided appropriately by providing partitions in the open space.

In other words, what Kazuma tumbled over previously was the dressing room where Honoka and the rest are changing.




Not knowing what happened, Kazuma stared at the spectacle before his eyes in a daze.

It seems like the both weren’t sure of what had happened either. Both of them were looking down at Kazuma who fell on the floor without screaming and dumbfounded. The both of them have forgotten to hide their bodies and the fact that they are in the middle of changing.


Not a single word. Neither from Kazuma, nor from the both of them.

However before long, their absentminded faces began to turn red as they looked on.


“I’m sorry!!!!!!”

Having the fallen partition restored at the speed of light. The both of them covered their bodies with all their strength.


What is going on with me?


This was supposed to be a normal shopping. When he thought he was going see some clothes, he was being led into a lingerer shop for some reason and then a cosplay store.

To top it off, there was that.

Every dating event that happened up till is unbelievable let alone in an eroge.

Could it be that I’m miraculously lucky, or lethally ill with misfortune? As he reflect on his daily actions in his heart,

Suddenly, someone tapped his back.

“………Excuse me, can I have a moment of your time?”


Smiling with that flawless customer service smile, Kazuma twitched his cheeks on reflex.

After that, Kazuma and the rest were taken further back to the store where a fierce looking uncle who is known as the manager inquired them to “not cause a racket” and was severely scolded by the staff.

It’s really lucky that they didn’t get barred from entering this store.


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