Izure Shinwa Vol 2 Chpt 5 pt 1

Chapter 5 – King of the Netherworld


I finally arrived at the south side of the dorm.

Even though I ran with all my strength, but this is the first time I thought I was this slow.

I bang on the dorm parent’s window that was beside the window.

“Yes yes, what do you want…..”

“Please lend me a phone!”


Since the dorm parent was being [control] when I previously got the master key, he immediately obey my orders.

I borrowed the telephone from the dormitory office and punch in the East dorm’s number.

“Yes. This is the east dorm.”

After several calls later, the east dorm parent answered the call.

“Excuse me. I would like you to call one of the student over there.”

“Call? Who are you?”

“It’s urgent! Please hurry.”

“Haaa……so, who is it?”

The east dorm’s parent voice was somewhat taken aback and continued to ask for the person’s name.

I asked for the name, the other party left the phone.


“Ahh, damm, how infuriating.”

What’s taking so long?

No, I’m the one that should calm down.

It’s not like the other party taking their own time.

Using the dorm broad casting, it took one to two minutes for the other party came out from his room.

That’s obvious. I’m not panicking.

Despite that, I was unconsciously kicking the walls once I noticed it.

Not completely calm at all.

Calm down.

I told myself again.

True, every minute and second is important.

That being said, an impatient judgement is fatal.


“Please make it quick……”

I was muttering towards the receiver, as if  begging for a response.

With that, I wonder how much agonizing moment had passed.

In reality, it probably didn’t take more than one minute.

Finally, the sound of a hand picking up the phone could be heard from the other side.

“Yes, this is Leon.”

“Leon! It’s me, we talked during the daytime, Shinsen Raika.”

“Ahh, it you, Raika-kun. When I heard my name from the dorm parent, I wonder what who it was.”

“Sorry but now it’s not the time for small talks.”

I interrupted him and moved on to the main subject.

“If you still remember me? Does that mean that you remember today’s memory?”

“Yeah. My memory resets at dawn.”

“Maria has been kidnapped.”


There is tension running through Leon’s voice.

“And was she with you?”

“That’s right. It’s probably that previous guy that did it.”

Since the dorm parent is nearby, I blurred my words.

Then it seems to have transmitted to Leon.

I feel like he is nodding on the over side.

“I got it. If there is anything I can do, please say.”

“Then without further ado, you always use your intuition to find his whereabouts right? Do you know where is he now?”

That’s the reason for contacting Leon.

For his somewhat investigation skill.

And depending on that, is probably the shortest means to catch up with Maria.


“……North maybe.”


“Sorry. To tell you the truth, I can only gave you a rough direction from here, north is what I can say for now. Because I got the feeling that there is a distance between us, so it’s probably in the North district.”

“Okay. Then come to the second station at the North district. We will meet up there.”

“Yeah, got it.”

I ended the call.

“You heard me. Come on.”

I didn’t wait for Brynhildr’s answer and gave her a order.

“Forget about that.”


After ordering the dorm supervisor to leave, I left the dorm with Brynhildr.

“It’s almost night time. Students please return to your rooms.”

An announcement was issued within the island before they knew it.

If that announcement was issued, that means that only one more hour till the sun sets completely.

Is it time to call back Freyja…….?

“Damn it!”

I started running with all my strength once again.


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