Back from the dead (Hopefully)

Hi guys,

Here is a part for hiota no kanojo after such a long time. I have forgotten how tiring and long winded translating is. Some people have ask what has happened to me, why the long hiatus, what’s happening to the series etc, etc. So I would like to address some of your concerns.

In short, nothing. Nothing happened really. I just took a break from translating and mildly forgotten about it. This is because I’m currently doing shift work and I have prioritize my rest time to sleeping, gaming and just plain reading. Really sorry to those looking forward to this continuation of the series. I’ll try to focus back on my works and if possible, try to maintain a constant release of each part of the chapter.

On a brighter note: Here is the start to chapter 3 and hope you guys enjoy it. I’ll compile every part of chapter 2 and place it on the main page. Oh ya, I have been reading light novel from the website kimirano and they have this first anniversary campaign where they released 70 titles to read for free for a limited timing. Only the first volume of each series are available for reading, so you guys should not miss this opportunity.


Decisive Sunday battle pt 1


Many thanks,


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