Hiota no Kanojo V2 Chpt 2 pt 6

Hi guys,

Part 6 is here after so long…zzzz. The last part for chapter 2 is about one page long so I’ll get it done quickly (I hope).

Chapter 2 – The reason she plays eroge ~After Ruri~ pt 6


Let me ask you guys, which one do you want me to focus first? Hiota or Izure? My main focus has always been this series and I let workingneet do the latter but recently he has not given me an update about Izure so I’m just guessing that he is busy with life. I’m not dead, just offline. I’ll focus on whichever series you guys want to read more but iIwill switch alternatively between the two so I won’t get bored. I’ll leave it up to you guys, majority wins.


Many thanks,


2 thoughts on “Hiota no Kanojo V2 Chpt 2 pt 6

  1. Hi, man. How are you?
    Personally, I enter your page everyday just to check if there’s a Ragnarok update (I actually has the page on the quick access list of my browser, lol).
    My vote goes there. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to switch between both (I do the same with my translation projects, otherwise it gets a little boring).
    But I really hope that Ragnarok would take more priority. I really like the story so far, and Brynhildr is just so cute ❤
    Thanks for all your hard work and WorkingNeet's.

    Regards from Argentina.


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