Hi guys,

There are several reasons why I took so long to translate any series or even entered the website to do anything. This might be a long rant so come and waste time reading this article.

I recently brought a new monitor but the lcd is broken as soon as I turn it on. So the problem is still pending. (It’s a bit stupid that I brought a new monitor rather than upgrading my old ass cpu. Yea I know)

I have been playing games and totally forgotten all about translating. Games that I have been looking forward like new releases of vn, Dmc 5 on ps4 and some other games in my phone. The lack of time management is clearly shown here.

The big reason- – -or really the main reason is because I’m currently serving National Service right now for 2 years. Thus I can’t fully make use of my time as much as I want to like before. *Sigh*

So sorry guys. Hope you understand.


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