Finish (Wooooooo!!!!)

Hi guys,

IT’S DONE!!! I HAVE DONE IT! IT’S COMPLETED! Here is the last part of vol 1 for you guys! What a tiring and successful achievement for me. More importantly, I want to thank everyone for staying with me this long and preserve till the end. I started doing this a few months ago and I’m really grateful and blessed to be able to use this platform to communicate with the world who likes reading and anime. I will definitely continue to translate light novel. This is for you guys! 🙂

(Quick question: Do you want me to do the afterword and pdf too?)

I have something more to say about this site & series. ( Please refer to here )


After the break up, Kazuma went to school after the holiday to set things straight about their new relationship with Honoka.


Hope you like it,


11 thoughts on “Finish (Wooooooo!!!!)

  1. Thank you very much for vol.1
    Well about afterword….. you don’t have to translate it
    And about the pdf…….. yeah
    It’s better to do so and even epub file too
    Thank for your hard work


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